Bangla Desk : The position of the people of Bangla languages ​​is at every corner of the world. Only the Bangalee nation has increased the purity of the mother language with blood for language. Each mother language has given dignity. But in the case of remorse, it was not possible for Bangla to acquire knowledge like higher education, engineers, medical science or research. With the development of technology, we could not create the technical terminology. The evolution of making Bangla language into an inefficient language is continuing with the combination of foreign words to continually condemn the mother tongue Bangla.

In almost every country there is a place of expatriate Bangalis. The Bangla Desk pathway aimed to engage all the Bengalis who are spreading the world to the bondage of brotherhood in Bengal. Our small efforts to increase the spread of Bengali language and practice worldwide. We hope this platform will serve as a helpful tool for the development and development of Bengali language. Also, our goal is to create harmonious relationships among the people of Bangla languages ​​in each country.

Bangla Desk